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For the High Performance Dairies

We provide high quality equipment and service!

High Quality Equipment

We understand that today’s dairymen must keep up with current technology in order to be sustainable and profitable in today’s market.

24 Hour Service

Our professional service technicians are always on call for your needs. We offer 24 hour a day service is available to all of our dairy customers.

Maintenance Program

Our preventative maintenance program is proven to reduce after hours calls, and prolong the life of dairy equipment.

Customer Testimonials

Tools to Magnify the Bottom Line
Dairy Farmers have always had to watch the bottom line. Today’s fluctuating feed prices and rising labor costs have made it much harder to control.
“To stay competitive, and to increase our cash flow, we need to have the bottom line magnified” said Ed Leyendekker, owner of Rocky Road Dairy, Dinuba Ca.
Ed and Tosha have milked their large herd in a flat barn for over 15 years. Recently, Performance Dairy Service remodeled the milking barn to a 72 cow PR3100HD DeLaval rotary barn. The Delaval MM27 milk meter with Delpro Herd Management Software, and Sort Gate system are tools that Ed uses daily to make pin point decisions on his dairy. “As a dairyman, the more you know the better you are” says Ed, “and what you know can help you make a profit”.
Ed’s main objective for his remodel was to increase profitability, labor efficiency, better working conditions, and cow comfort. Due to the information from the daily milk weights, and the speed of the rotary, Ed is currently milking less cows with more milk in the tank.

“Unbelievable installation” was the first words that came from Joe Macedo when asked to comment about the remodel at Joe Macedo and Sons Dairy.
Joe and Tony Macedo are partners at Joe Macedo and Sons Dairy in Tipton California and have been dairying there since 1991.
The remodel converted the existing double 18 herringbone barn to a double 30 parallel barn with Turner stalls and BECO MegaFlow milking equipment. “Twelve hours is all I lost” Joe added. I was amazed at the time it took for Performance Dairy Service and Turner Inc. to compete the remodel.
Time saving and low SCC are some of the many great results the Macedo brothers are experiencing with the remodel.

Cornell Kasbergen owner of Rancho Teresita is a dairyman in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley. His double 25, two pit dairy is equipped with BECO FlowNexus and PulsNexus milking equipment.

Cornell states: “Trouble free and durable is a good way to describe the mechanical part of the FlowNexus take-offs. Less maintenance issues are evident in my milking barn. And with the PulsNexus monitoring my pulsators 24 hours a day this adds up to less mastitis.”

Performance Dairy Service installed the equipment with minimal down time. The technicians at Performance Dairy Service are approachable, friendly and very capable of handling any dairy service need.” Cornell adds.

Bluegrass Dairy 
Visalia, Ca.
50 cow DeLaval Rota-Tech Barn

“The best milking comfort for my cows, a safe milking parlor for my employees and labor efficiency was the driving factors for my upgraded barn” said Hendrik Leyendekker of Visalia Ca.

Hendrik’s improvement from a flat barn to a 50 cow DeLaval Rota-Tech milk barn, MPC 150 Take-offs and Yukon Snap refrigeration gave him all he was looking for.

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