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For the High Performance Dairy


As an authorized  Delaval dealer, we offer the very latest in milking equipment technology.    We understand that today’s dairymen must keep up with current technology in order to be sustainable and profitable in today’s market.  We offer the PR3100 HD Rotary barn, ISO I.D. systems for use with ear tag identification.  This kind of technology is utilized for the MM27 Milk Meters, stall I.D., and sort gates.

24 hour Service

On call service technicians will provide prompt response to your after hours or weekend call.  These technicians understand that their primary goal is to get your dairy back into operation as quickly as possible.  24 hour a day service is available to all of our dairy customers.

Maintenance Program

Our preventative maintenance program is proven to reduce after hours calls, and prolong the life of dairy equipment.  Our maintenance crew is rich in  experience, and they understand the importance of being thorough.  These individuals are bilingual which allows for better communication between service personnel and dairy employees.